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Ya'll see the eclipse of the moon tonight?? its fuckin' red, cool. 

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Featured Song: Cryptorchid

Fun Facts
Cryptorchid is a common birth defect regarding male genitalia; the absence of either one or both testes.
It is also a song off Marilyn Manson's second studio album Antichrist Superstar (1996).
It was not a single but reached #20 on German music charts and did have a music video produced for it.

In the song, the condition (Cryptorchidism) is employed as a metaphor for The Worm's (the concept album's protagonist and a metaphorical representation of the young Brian Warner/Marilyn Manson) feelings of self-doubt and inferiority: at the end of the 2nd verse, Manson is heard singing "I wish I had my balls".

"The music video for the song was directed by Elias Merhige and co-directed by Manson. In 1996, Merhige was contacted by Marilyn Manson in regards to producing a music video for "Cryptorchid", the day after he saw Merhige's experimental horror film Begotten. Manson and Merhige met in Los Angeles, California where they would produce the video. Merhige also expressed interest in filming a video for "Antichrist Superstar", which would subsequently be rejected by Interscope Records.

The "Cryptorchid" video uses scenes from Merhige's 1991 experimental horror film, Begotten, with new scenes filmed including Manson to replace the original entity depicted in the film. The main section of the video that includes Manson shows him pulling out his own intestines and holding them up to the camera. It was meant to be screened at live performances, during costume changes and intermissions, but this plan did not suffice because the band fell through payment for the projection on the Dead to the World Tour. The footage of death and decrepit things shot in fuzzy black and white gave way for its ban from MTV.

Music Video:

The song shares a few traits as the album's title track; particularly the heartbeat-like bass drum beat, as well as the repeated line, "prick your finger it is done... the moon has now eclipsed the sun... the angel has spread its wings... the time has come for bitter things..."
In the background during the first two verses, Manson can be heard saying; "Five, six, seven, eight, heaven" and "Four, three, two, one, never get to seven" which could be switched to infer that the Worm will never get to heaven since, like 6 representing Hell, 7 represents Heaven.


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Hey How's It Going?

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 6:07 PM

I have lots of artsy plans for this month but havent started any. Just busy and not busy.
However I am so totally stoked for Saturday, 2014 Record Store Day, omg wow, a couple my fav bands releasing awesome things, limited quantity, only to go up in value after it seem.

Amoeba Hollywood, nice and early, probably be packed, then back home to a nearby store. That's some good plans.

So yeah, something shall come up soon, it depends how I feel mentally; clear, cluttered, angry, stressed, loopy I don't know.


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Age: 20
Bio: I'm an MLP fan and I enjoy plenty of airplanes, art, and music. I have a SoundCloud and a Tumblr account. I am also a musician and I make my own music as well as cover songs. I been drawing "seriously" for over 5 years or so now. I have a bass, an electric, and 2 acoustic guitars, a keyboard, a drum set, low budget mikes, and a PC with audio programs to mix it all. I can/used to sing in 19 languages (I doubt it sounds good). Music is my drug, my addiction. I never leave home without my iPod. My favorite bands/artists are a-ha, Green Day, Nirvana, and Marilyn Manson. My favorite styles of music are pretty much everything except rap, but my fav's are Punk rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Pop, and Alternative. The songs I write are heavily influenced by the above bands.
I value individuality very highly; I am a registered Libertarian. I keep an open mind about religion; I am an Agnostic. I draw what I feel like, and that could be anything and everything, meaning if it's sexy, it is, if it's ugly, it is, if it's cute, it is, if it's controversial, it is.
Currently I am working at getting back into school to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.

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